The way to summer trends in the style of Scandinavian women!

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Summer is a time when every woman can go wild with styling. It’s also a great opportunity to look for your own style and replace some of the clothes in your closet. When the temperatures start to get higher, we try to combine fashion and our style with the comfort of wearing clothes. In this article you will find out what summer fashion looks like in Scandinavian style.

Flip flops – why not!

If you decide to travel to Copenhagen, you will certainly be surprised to learn that flip-flops are a staple of urban style there. Women go to the store, cafes, as well as to work in them. Scandinavian women choose to match flip-flops with jeans, but also with suits, dresses and skirts. In Copenhagen, women love colorful flip-flops. It is not uncommon for them to be a kind of enlivenment and variety of styling in subdued colors. This season, however, the element of surprise may be a new form of flip flops – there will be fashionable models on platforms and a thick sole. It is best, of course, that they have a crazy color!

Pants and cargo skirts are a hit

Skirts and cargo pants gained their popularity already in the 2000s. Scandinavian women love them! The most popular are those in khaki color and military style. In addition, this type of clothing is usually very comfortable. They are also liked by plus-size women, as they beautifully mask problem areas. They fit many occasions depending on how they are styled. They will look good with stilettos, but also with sneakers and sneakers!

Oversize dresses 

Oversize dresses have been in fashion for a long time. Which of us doesn’t have at least one such in her closet? It was the model most often chosen during Fashion Week in Copenhagen! On the streets and catwalks, the most common dresses were loose, flared at the bottom and finished with a voluminous ruffle. In addition, Scandinavian women love buff sleeves! For this reason, in this region, oversize style dresses often have such. Fashionable are long maxi dresses, but also short and midi. Great are those in intense and pastel colors, but also those with interesting prints!

Wide high-waisted pants 

The fashion for wide pants has returned for a long time. In autumn and winter we like to choose those denim and corduroy ones. In summer, however, such materials can be uncomfortable to wear due to high temperatures. So why not take an interest in buying this type of pants made of airy material? This item of clothing was loved by women from Scandinavia. Airy, wide high-waisted pants in delicate or crazy colors – this is it! They are comfortable, and they look great. You can combine them with espadrilles, sneakers or sandals and a classic T-shirt. Match it with a small, holiday braided handbag and delicate jewelry and the styling is ready!

main photo: MARK ADRIANE

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