Cowboy boots – a trend that went beyond festivals!

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Cowgirls began to be talked about right after the Glastonbury festival. The marshy terrain where the event is held requires female attendees to wear wellingtons, but this year some of them opted for cowboy boots. Will this cut of footwear also take Polish streets by storm?

Cowboy boots have been known in fashion for years, although their appearance has changed many times. Initially, their nose was more rounded, the sole was flat, and the long upper reached up to mid-calf. Today, you can also find these types of models in stores, although the popular styles are those with a shorter upper and on a delicate heel.

Cowboy boots not only for autumn

Cowboy boots are widely considered to be typically autumn shoes. However, the biggest fashionistas and fashion influencers prove that we should think of cowboy boots as year-round footwear. If you are a fan of boho style, you can also wear cowboy boots with airy summer clothes. This trend is promoted, for example, by Kate Moss or Sienna Miller.

What cowboy boots to choose for the summer?

The popularity of cowboy boots has made it possible to find this model of boots in various cuts and colors in stores. For summer you can choose cowboy boots in bright or vivid colors, which will refresh your styling and give it lightness. Openwork models made of thin suede will be great for this time of year. They will be much more comfortable and airy than models made of thicker material.

Cowboy boots for dresses

If you have no idea how to wear cowboy boots to summer styling, bet on the perennial classic and juxtapose this cut of footwear with a long, airy floral dress. This way you will create an extremely romantic combination, kept in a boho climate. A light lace dress will also be perfect. You can complete the look with a large straw hat and a suede bag with tassels. On colder days you can throw on a denim katana.

Cowboy boots to short shorts

This combo is the latest Instagram hit! Depending on which style is closer to you, wear cowboy boots with elegant short shorts or sporty shorts. Kate Moss’ favorite combination is denim frayed shorts, a lightweight top and, of course, mid-calf cowboy boots. Hailey Badwin also offers an interesting inspiration, pairing cowboy boots with an oversize T-shirt and knee-high boots. If you prefer an elegant style for everyday life, wear cowboy boots with a light-colored suit with bermudas.

Cowboy boots to jeans

About the fact that cowboy boots go perfectly with denim clothes, no one needs to be convinced. This duo will probably never go out of fashion and will always look good. For styling kept in the spirit of country, choose a floral top, your favorite denim pants and, of course, built-in boots. In such a combination, jeans that expose the boots well, such as those with narrow or shorter legs, will work best.

Cowboy boots to a skirt

Wearing cowboy boots with a skirt, you will create an extremely feminine and fashionable styling. It-girls boldly combine a fitted top, airy, asymmetrical skirt and leg-slimming cowboy boots. If you go for classics in fashion, wear leather boots with your favorite shirt and pleated skirt. Cowboy boots will also look good with a skirt sewn from denim material.

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