5 fashionable ornaments that French women love!

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Delicate, subtle – on the other hand always classy and timeless. In short, this is how to describe the style of fashion, which is preferred by women in France. Here are our top 5 fashionable jewellery pieces

#première: minimalist necklace: gold

As you know jewelry fashion trends come and go. Sometimes they are seasonal in nature. French women know very well what will be fashionable for a while, and what will stay in the industry for longer. Thin chains with minimalist pendants always work. It is a timeless, good style!


#deuxièmement: glasses for retro fans

French women are inspired by fashion from New York. A leather jacket, slim-fit trousers – this is the style they love. What’s more: sunglasses do not only accompany them on summer days. They are an indispensable part of their outfits – also in autumn and winter.


#troisièmement: circle earrings

They go especially well with dresses in very intense patterns and colors. They immediately add expressiveness to any woman. Ladies also like to choose moons and crescents.


#quatrièmement: a collection of rings on hands

It is worth noting here that the set of rings on the hands of French women is always very subtle. Occasionally, precious stones appear.


#cinquièmement: scarf in interesting patterns

The scarf is an important part of French women’s style. It must be very colorful on the one hand and subtle on the other. Scarves appear in the collections of the most important designers

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