How to style oversize jackets?

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The oversize jacket is an element of clothing which is loved by the biggest stars and celebrities. What to combine an oversize jacket with in order to look fashionable, stylish and not lose your femininity?

Oversize jacket – the hit of Instagram! Why is it worth having?

A jacket with a looser cut is a strong Instagram trend that has been picked up by many women. According to fashion stylists, it is a must-have item in every woman’s closet. Why? An oversize jacket perfectly covers up figure imperfections, such as excessive kilograms, sides, protruding belly or lack of a waistline (we can ‘create’ a waist by girdling a jacket in a problematic area with a thick belt, which is how Emily Ratajkowski often styles her jacket). A jacket cut below the knee will effectively conceal thicker thighs. Of course, it is not only for plus size women! Slimmer women also look great in a larger jacket – for example, an extended jacket can hide a flat bottom. What styles are currently on trend with the XXL jacket?

Oversize Jacket with Raised Shoulders

If you like to look modern and stylish but also like to play with fashion, the oversize jacket with shoulder pads is the right choice for you. The motif of strongly emphasized shoulders can be seen in Balenciaga’s designs. If you want to look like you just came from the catwalk, this style is the perfect choice. What to wear with a jacket with raised shoulders? It looks great with a white T-shirt, fitted jeans and heeled boots.

Oversize jacket instead of a dress? Why not!

An interesting trick to style an XXL jacket is to treat it as a dress – just buy a longer model (e.g. to the knees), put it over your naked body or an elegant shirt and you will look cool and trendy. Add to it stilettos in your favorite color and you can be chic, strolling down the street. This nonchalant outfit is sure to arouse interest of the opposite sex

The Oversize Jacket as an Alternative to the Overcoat

An oversize jacket can be a great alternative to a coat, as it is made of thicker material and will protect you from the cold on colder days. A great idea will be a jacket in a scotch or striped pattern – when matched with black eco leather pants or a fitted knitted turtleneck dress it will be a perfect complement to our look.

Oversize jacket with cigarette pants – a versatile combination for work

How to style an XXL blazer if you work in an office? If you want to fit into dress code, match it with elegant cigarette pants of the same color (the shade may be slightly lighter or darker). The outfit can be completed with a stylish scarf and nude stilettos with a medium heel (or you can opt for less formal leather ballerinas).

Oversize jacket with mini top and lingerie top – the perfect date look

There is no obstacle to wearing an oversize jacket on a romantic date – what would look best with it? Pair this fashionable item of clothing with lingerie, silk top finished with delicate lace and leather mini skirt – your look will gain character and at the same time you will look extremely feminine. An interesting solution is also a duet of a jacket with a light, sexy dress à la a night slip. To complete this outfit we can match sports shoes on a higher sole or classic pumps, which are loved by almost all men.

To sum up, oversize jacket, which looks as if it was taken out of a boyfriend’s closet, gives really countless styling possibilities. We hope that our creative outfit suggestions will inspire you and encourage you to experiment with fashion.

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