How to create a wedding invitation?

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When organizing a wedding, you cannot forget about elegant invitations for guests. Do you know how to write invitations correctly and when to give them? The answers to these and other questions can be found in this article.

The choice of wedding stationery is a very important element of planning and organizing the reception. The invitation has an informative function, announces the style in which the wedding will take place, and also remains afterwards as a souvenir. It is worth to make sure that it is tailored to the tastes and needs of the bride and groom, and that it is consistent with the theme of the celebration

When to present the wedding invitation?

Presenting a wedding invitation is a festive way to share the news of the upcoming ceremony with your loved ones. It is worth to pay respect to the guests and give them the invitation personally. According to the rules of savoir-vivre it is customary to give invitations at least two or three months before the planned ceremony, so that the guests can book a date and prepare for the party

The wedding is an expense for the bride and groom, but also for the guests, who want to look elegant and be able to give an appropriate gift, so it’s worth notifying them well in advance. This can also be a big convenience for couples with small children, who will need to ask someone to look after them

If the wedding falls on a vacation or a festive season, it is good to inform the guests about the ceremony in advance by phone or e-mail. It is worth to make sure that the e-mail “save the date” refers to the style of the planned wedding

What information should be included in the invitation?

The main content of the wedding invitation should include the following information: the first and last names of the bride and groom, the date, time and place of the wedding and reception, and the first and last names of the invited guests. Many etiquette experts emphasize that it is appropriate that the names of the guests are handwritten on the invitation, but this is not an obligatory condition

According to the rules of etiquette the guests should be invited together with their companions, and if possible the companions should be listed by name. It is advisable to find out in advance, with whom your loved ones are going to appear. One of the main rules of writing invitations is that you should write the woman’s name first

Underneath the main body of the invitation, or preferably on a separate sheet attached to the invitation, should be the R.S.V.P. This French acronym is a request for a telephone confirmation of your arrival at the party. The R.S.V.P. section should include the fiancées’ phone numbers and the deadline by which guests should confirm their attendance.

On the invitation it is not appropriate to ask directly for gifts, but with the help of a poem or an icon you can suggest buying, for example, wine instead of flowers. Many brides and grooms decide to ask for candy or pet food to donate to charity

Choosing invitations

When designing wedding invitations, pay attention to the first, representative page, as well as the font and layout of the text. The font you choose should have Polish characters, be clear and readable also for older people

many companies offer the opportunity to order sample invitations in advance, so you can compare different models before making your final decision. If you plan to write the invitations by hand, it’s a good idea to order a larger quantity so you have a backup in case you make a mistake. A wide range of invitations in styles such as minimalist, boho, rustic, classic or botanical has in its offer Amelia-Wedding.

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