After ugly sneakers it’s time for daddy sandals. How to wear them?

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Massive, with thick straps, muted or colorful – daddy sandals have swept the fashion world this year. It is the hottest trend of the summer. Do you know how to create styles with “daddy sandals”? We give you a hint!

Ugly shoes are on trend

The fashion for “ugly” shoes started a few years ago and continues today. We have seen time and time again how fancy sneakers can be – curved soles, high platforms, decorative straps, bright accents and many other oddities no longer amaze us. Ugly sneakers have become part of the current fashion canon and are very popular not only for everyday outfits.

Now it’s time for another trend, namely daddy sandals, which loosely translated means daddy sandals or sandals after dad, strongly inspired by models of the nineties of the last century. Once ridiculed, they are now making waves on the catwalks and in social media and streetwear styling.

Daddy sandals – practical and comfortable shoes for summer

Daddy sandals are nothing but massive sandals with thick straps, classic fastening, with a strap or with Velcro. They can be found not only in the offer of global designers, such as Gucci, Prada or Chanel, but also in chain stores, where their price does not exceed one hundred zlotys.

These shoes are a perfect alternative to delicate sandals with straps on the heel. Daddy sandals are incredibly comfortable and functional. You can walk in them for hours and your feet will not feel it, the comfort of wearing them is very high.

Their appearance is a bit like tourist or trekking shoes. The hit are models made of leather, which not only look interesting, but are also breathable, easily adapt to the shape of the foot and do not cause abrasions or burns even during the hottest days.

You will find most black daddy sandals on store shelves. No wonder. They are classic and easy to style. Fans of more interesting footwear can opt for white, silver, colored, patterned, with metal elements or decorative applications.

How to wear daddy sandals – without limits

Daddy sandals, like ugly sneakers, can be worn with almost anything and in many different ways. Complement your summer look with dresses, skirts and pants. They go well with tailored and oversized outfits, both casual and formal. They are so versatile that it is really worth introducing them into your closet.

We can match them with shorts, bermudas, cigarette pants, jeans, cullots, tracksuits, linen dresses, airy skirts, overalls, tunics, thin tops, flowing blouses, elegant shirts, soft sweaters and many other elements of clothing. They also work well with masculine-inspired outfits, such as oversized blazers with emphasized shoulders.

It all depends on what model you choose and in what shade, as well as other accessories, such as a handbag or jewelry. Contrary to appearances, daddy sandals can be matched not only with typical summer baskets or soft shoppers, but also with elegant boxes or trunks. The only limit is actually our imagination.

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