Everything you should know about enzyme powder

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Enzymatic powder is still a novelty on our market, but one thing is for sure: every woman who reaches for it at least once, will definitely come back to it!

On the cosmetics market there are still some novelties – some are more effective, others less. When it comes to enzyme powder, there is no doubt that it is a real gem that is worth having in your makeup bag

Enzyme powder – what is it?

Enzyme powder is a combination of a fine scrub and a face gel, but beware: in a powdered version. If you add a little water to the cosmetic, it activates enzymes that perfectly exfoliate dead skin and cleanse the complexion, so it remains smooth and radiant

Enzyme powders have been successfully promoted for several years by Korean women who are famous for their perfect skin. The famous celebrity Kim Kardashian also praises it – reportedly she uses it before every outing

Ideal for all skin types

The cosmetic can be used every day and even people with very sensitive skin can use it, because it exfoliates dead skin in a very delicate way. Enzymes contained in the powder perfectly brighten the complexion and provide it with many valuable nutrients. And it is undoubtedly important that they have much less artificial ingredients and preservatives than traditional gels and scrubs

How do you use a powder like this? You sprinkle a little powder on your hand and add lukewarm water. We decide ourselves whether we want a more or less thick paste. Put it on your face and wash it thoroughly. At the beginning it is recommended to use this procedure twice a week, later – whenever you want!

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