Organic cosmetics – a trend we no longer want to part with

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Organic, natural cosmetics is a trend that has been steadily reigning in the cosmetics industry for several years.  More and more consumers are reaching out for natural products, while the market is gradually staggering into wider circles, for example, beginning to offer eco-friendly color or home cleaning products. The unflagging interest in natural products is due to growing consumer awareness, manifested, among other things, in the promotion of eco-friendly attitudes. 

What are the characteristics of natural cosmetics?

Brands, following the prevailing fashion, are constantly releasing new product lines that bear the word natural. But what does this actually mean?

Natural cosmetics base their composition on ingredients of natural origin, at least 95%, the remaining percentage being a small amount of active substances. An important feature of natural products is the absence of ingredients that have harmful effects on health. Paraffins, SLS, preservatives, alcohol and synthetic colors and flavors are considered such substances. So what are natural cosmetics made of? Most often they contain herbal and floral extracts, essential oils, vegetable oils, clays, minerals and others. It is assumed that cosmetics contain ingredients that are obtained with respect for the environment.

Why use natural cosmetics?

Versatility and safety

Natural cosmetics are designed for all skin types, and can be used even by owners of the most demanding skin. In addition, cosmetics assimilate better than conventional cosmetics. Simple, natural compositions mean that the skin is not prone to unwanted reactions such as clogged pores, dryness, redness. Natural cosmetics are completely safe, only allergy sufferers should be wary of the presence of those natural allergens that lead to allergic reactions. Many natural cosmetics have universal applications, for example, oils can be used for face, body or hair care.


Natural cosmetics get to the root of the problem, and are not limited to masking the symptoms, as is sometimes the case with conventional cosmetics. For example, anti-aging cosmetics stimulate the skin to rebuild cells, rather than just temporarily filling wrinkles with silicone. Plant substances contained in natural cosmetics support the processes that take place in the skin, stimulate regeneration, strengthen the protective barrier, and improve the condition and appearance of the skin. 

Growing market

The natural cosmetics segment is an ever-growing branch, which has risen from a niche level in a very short time to become popular and readily available in stores. The natural cosmetics market is forecast to grow twice as fast as the overall cosmetics market in the coming years, and scientists are constantly researching new raw materials.

Respect for nature. Caring for animals and the environment

An important element of natural cosmetics is their cruelty-free property. This means that the products are not tested on animals. Among natural cosmetics, vegan cosmetics, which do not contain substances derived from animals, are also prevalent. 

Manufacturers of cosmetics attach great importance to ensuring that product packaging is as ecological as possible, coming from recycled materials and recyclable. Organic cosmetics are based on ingredients from sustainable crops, which do not use chemical pesticides.

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