Models of dresses that you can wear on several occasions

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The perfect dress is one that you can wear many times and in different ways. Just change the accessories and you’ll have a whole new look. Here are a few styles that you can wear for different occasions.

The little black dress

The little black dress is undoubtedly the most timeless style. It is like a chameleon – it adapts to any occasion. As the famous designer Karl Lagerfeld used to say: “There is no way to look too modest or too elegant in a little black dress”. Pair it with classic stiletto heels in a muted color, a blazer, and a clutch or shopper bag, and you have the perfect work outfit. In the evening, change the jacket for a leather ramones, and classic shoes for more extravagant and lively ones, and you are ready to go out with friends or to a party. You can also match this dress with white sneakers and a denim katana or a fabric bomber for a great casual look. The little black dress is also perfect for a date, emphasizing your feminine curves and impressing your partner.

Airy maxi dress

The perfect dress for many occasions is the flowy long dress. It’s great for going to the cafe or out to dinner, but also for more elegant parties. Pair it with sandals or flip-flops and delicate jewelry for a very feminine everyday look. However, if you match it with high classic stilettos or heeled sandals and slightly more expressive jewelry, you may successfully wear this dress to an occasion such as a wedding or a baptism. Such a model fits perfectly to any type of figure and guarantees that you will feel confident. Looking for a dress in large sizes, it is necessary to consider this very model.


A schmisserie is another of the timeless and very feminine models, which should be a must-have in your closet. The word “skimmer” comes from French chemisière, meaning shirt, and it is the shirt that reminds us of the cut of this dress. Its obligatory elements include a front button fastening, a loose-fitting cut, and a belt fastened or tied at the waist. It accentuates the waist and neckline beautifully and makes your neck look longer. It will work perfectly as an element of a work outfit, for example paired with moccasins or classic stilettos and an elegant handbag. However, you can also use it for everyday stylizations with city sneakers or comfortable shoes. It is also a model perfectly suited for winter or autumn. Just match it with a warm woolen sweater, heavy boots or over-the-knee boots and colorful tights, which are back in fashion again

Lingerie dress

The lingerie dress made famous by Carrie Bradshaw is living its second youth. It is a model that will be perfect for many occasions, especially evening ones, such as a party with friends or a romantic dinner with your other half. It goes well with stilettos or heeled sandals and can be matched with an oversize jacket and delicate, feminine jewelry. When dressing it up, however, remember not to put on too much makeup – after all, you want to look sensual, not vulgar.

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