What to wear to an elegant New Year’s Eve party?

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The year is coming to an end and you still do not have a formal outfit for New Year’s Eve? It is worth betting on classics for the evening party – an elegant suit or a tasteful single-breasted tuxedo.

Suit or tuxedo?

If you’re going to a formal event, which requires formal evening dress, follow the dress code on the invitation card. The place where the New Year’s Eve party is to be held is also of great importance. A party at the opera, an elegant theater or ballroom is a good opportunity to wear a tuxedo, while for a restaurant it is better to choose a suit. The most important thing is to adapt your outfit to the type of event. If you plan to dance the night away, wear a set made of lightweight material that will not restrict your movements and will not make you too hot.

A safe option for many occasions will always be a plain black or navy blue suit, which slims your figure. This choice should be complemented with an elegant white shirt with double cuffs, fastened with cufflinks. The formal character of the shirt will be emphasized by concealed placket, collar and tied bow tie. You can complete the look with a silk pillowcase and patent leather shoes. For a suit, we often recommend matte finish bow ties, a leather belt and classic derby shoes.

For special occasions, it is advisable to wear a tuxedo in black, which is made from high quality materials. A tuxedo is a formal outfit and needs to be dressed up properly. Choose a dark jacket that fits well, preferably with silk or satin lapels. Complete the look with tailored pants with piping, a white pillowcase, a tied bow tie and an elegant tuxedo shirt

Don’t forget that a single-breasted tuxedo should be completed with a Spanish belt, covering the upper part of the pants. When it comes to formal shoes, a tuxedo should be matched with either a pair of patent leather shoes or a pair of pumps.

What to look for when choosing a men’s suit shirt?

There is no formal men’s styling without an elegant suit shirt. It is worth having in your closet at least one classic, white model with covered button strip and pinned sleeves. It is best if the shirt is made of high quality cotton, thanks to which it will last a long time. It is important to adjust its cut to the man’s figure. There are regular, custom fit and slim fit models available on the market. The first two types of shirts are recommended for men with a wider body build. A wide selection of suit models can be found on coolnekoszule.pl.

Elegance in the modern edition

If you want to look original and like to stand out, bet on a patterned suit with a delicate structure, which will be comfortable to wear. Currently, check and herringbone patterns are very popular. To go beyond the usual, wear a suit with men’s suede slippers or a stylish silk bow tie in burgundy or navy blue

Men’s slippers look best with coordinated sets, but with their help you can break a very formal suit. Men’s slippers, which are in line with the current fashion trends, will be a universal supplement of a set in the autumn-winter season. Details are very important for the final effect of the styling. Choose original cufflinks that emphasize your personality.

main photo: Gez Xavier Mansfield/unsplash.com

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