Colorful rings and necklaces reminiscent of childhood – how to style them?

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Colorful rings, necklaces and bracelets are the latest cry of fashion. Made of beads, they are worn by women of all ages. The advantage of such jewelry is that you can combine them in any way you like, creating original sets. How to wear beaded accessories to look fashionable? We suggest!

Jewelry of our childhood

Necklaces, bracelets and rings made of beads will certainly bring to mind the times of childhood for many of us. This type of jewelry could be bought at seaside stalls or made by hand. Today, beads have reached a much higher fashion level – they are promoted by world-famous fashion houses such as Dior, Etro and Versace. Some designers have even decided to combine plastic beads with gold or complement them with colorful braids.

What kind of beaded jewelry to choose?

There are different types of beaded jewelry, so choosing the right one may not be so easy. To begin with, it’s a good idea to start with gold jewelry, in which colorful beads are just an accent. A delicate celebratory necklace with a single bead can be a good option for jewelry minimalists.

Also, the beads themselves can come in different forms, colors and shapes. If you go for colorful minimalism, beads in black, beige and pistachio hues are sure to appeal to you. Bolder people can bet on intense neons. Although you can most often find beads made of plastic, wooden and glass models are equally popular, and even made of polished natural stones.

If beads on a gold or silver chain do not convince you, why not opt for a necklace or bracelet on a rubber band? Such compositions never go out of fashion and will certainly serve you for a long time. They can be multicolored or solid. Beaded bracelets on a rubber band look great on the wrist in combination with a watch.

And let’s not forget about toho beaded jewelry! Do you associate it from your school days? It is the one that is experiencing its fashion comeback! Fine beads form really picturesque mosaics. Such jewelry will add lightness and holiday atmosphere to any of your styling.

Beaded jewelry for work

Although beaded jewelry is mainly associated with holiday styling, we can successfully wear it in office styling. If you are bound by a formal dress code, bet on delicate jewelry in non-overpowering colors. It is good when the color relates to some other element of the outfit. For a navy blue women’s suit, choose a navy blue necklace, and for pink lipstick – a pink bracelet.

Beaded jewelry for boho styling

Beaded jewelry goes well with boho style. To further emphasize its character, you can opt for beads in the shape of starfish, seashells or pearls. Such jewelry will go perfectly with airy dresses, lace, loose sweaters and cardigans. Several pieces of necklaces around the neck or a pair of bracelets on the wrist will perfectly emphasize the boho character of the entire styling.

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