A few tricks to keep your hands beautiful

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We present tried and tested methods that are very simple and quick. Regularly applied, they allow to obtain a stunning metamorphosis. See what you can do to have healthy and well-groomed hands.

Regularly moisturize your hands

Remember to watch out for hand cream after every washing. Especially do not forget to apply it after disinfectants. It is also advisable to use gentle washing preparations that do not dry out your hands too much. It is good to choose such with a natural and safe composition. Such preventive measures are advisable in the winter and autumn, when the skin is susceptible to adverse weather conditions

Choose a product depending on the season, in summer you can use a bit more delicate creams or lotions. When it is colder, bet on good oiling and cosmetics that create a protective layer. It is worth to apply a thicker layer of cream at night and put on special gloves, so that the product is better absorbed. It will also have a stronger effect, which will be visible immediately after waking up. You can buy such gloves in many drugstores and online stores. For an even better effect, before applying the cream, you can also make a scrub. Then its nutrients will be better absorbed. Once in a while you can use a special mask, designed for hands

Make sure that creams contain valuable ingredients that will affect the condition of your hands. These are, for example, various types of oils, such as sweet almond oil or jojoba oil. You should also choose those products that contain shea butter, cocoa butter, urea or panthenol. You can use any natural products, from Polish cosmetic brands. They are often made of valuable ingredients, plus they are organic. They come in different packaging, for example in aluminum tubes or in glass jars. You can buy a larger volume of cream and use it for a longer period of time

Take care of your cuticles

You should also pay attention to the cuticles of your nails. Dry and cracked cuticles look unsightly and sometimes even cause discomfort. For this purpose you can use oils, such as argan, macadamia, castor or linseed. Massage them thoroughly into your cuticles and all over your hands. This gives great results, plus the cost of such products is low. You can also use them for other parts of your body, as they are usually very efficient

Remember to avoid cutting your cuticles as this can easily lead to cuts and infections. Instead, push them back very gently using a rubber or wooden pick. You can also use ready-made products, such as special oils. These come in an easy-to-spread brush-on form that resembles nail polish. They often have pleasant, fruity fragrances, so using them is a pleasure. You can buy such products on the website: https://manirouge.com/preparaty/

Do your own manicure at home

Nails do not have to be long to look aesthetically pleasing. Sometimes, however, a small touch of color can improve the appearance of the hands. For this purpose, you can perform, for example, hybrids. This is a durable and proven way to style your nails. Many people do this manicure by themselves at home. For this you need only a special kit, which will allow you to perform it. Such hybrid polishes are available in different colors and finishes. They are also available in soft, pastel colors, so they will be suitable for everyday use. You’re sure to find something for yourself, even if you haven’t done your nails before

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