PEH balance. The new trendy term in hair care

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Is hair care important to you? Find out what PEH balance is – it’s a lifesaver for your unruly hair and learning more about it will change your life!

What is PEH?

Sometimes, you use a certain product for a long time and it just doesn’t work anymore. It is said that your hair has become accustomed to the product. Keep in mind that for your hair to do well, you need to provide it with the right amounts of specific ingredients. Every cosmetic product is based on certain components, and these components have characteristics that are specific to each group. So, if you use only one product, your hair will be made worse by an excess of one group and a deficiency of the others. How to deal with this? Find out what PEH balance is. It’s a way of caring for your hair that will completely change your life.

PEH – Proteins, Emollients, Humectants

The mysterious acronym PEH stands for proteins, emollients and humectants. These are the ingredients, which you will find in your hair care products. It is important to know these terms so that you can choose the right hair care products for your needs. There should be a balance between these three product groups to meet the needs of your hair. The amount of ingredients we must provide depends on the porosity, type and condition of the hair and its current needs. Is applying PEH care difficult? No, but it does require some knowledge and observation of how your hair reacts

Proteins are essential!

It is worth starting by learning what proteins are. Proteins are widely used in hair care. They are proteins that can be widely used in hair care. It is very likely that your hair structure has some defects, which proteins can successfully rebuild. If you want to maintain the PEH balance, use products with proteins approximately every four washes. Be careful not to overdo it. Wondering whether you should use protein? Proteins are especially needed for damaged, colour-treated and even curly hair. If you have very porous hair, you should also consider using protein. If your hair seems lifeless it is probably lacking protein. Fly-away strands without shine are a sign of too much protein. You can provide your hair with protein by using the right mask or conditioner.

Emollients – part of PEH care

Another piece of the puzzle called PEH care is, of course, emollients. If you’re interested in hair care, you’ve definitely heard of this term at least once. You will easily recognize hair that lacks emollients. These strands will be brittle, coarse, frizzy, and will also tend to electrify easily. On the other hand, an excess of these ingredients can be seen in hair that is easily oily. Emollients are worth using even during every wash – at the end of the care

Do you want to moisturize your hair? You Need Humectants

Every woman dreams of having lustrous, moisturised hair. This is made more difficult by external factors like heat or UV rays, among others. Fortunately, here we can also benefit from PEH care. Humectants are the elements responsible for moisturizing our hair. If yours is dry and damaged, it is a sign that you need cosmetics with humectants. It is important to remember, however, that you should not use humectants every time you wash your hair. Beauty experts also stress that every wash with humectants should be closed with an emollient

PEH care – why is it worth it?

Each of us struggles with different issues when it comes to hair care. If you feel that you are at a dead end and do not know how to help yourself, it is an important signal that it is worth learning about PEH care. Although it takes some learning – your hair will repay you with great condition and a stunning look. The PEH balance is right for all of us – no matter what our hair type is

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