What is an SEO audit and why is it worth conducting one?

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Every company that wants to conduct activities on the web must pay attention to the topic of positioning. SEO marketing Portland audit is what we recommend as an extremely important task – it is the first step to professional cooperation with an agency. Of course it doesn’t have to be Portland agency, SEO UK or SEO in Jacksonville agencies might be as good as the one mentioned above, just remember if you work together, only with the best! 

Definition of SEO and the importance of positioning pages

Check what specialists from SEO UK were likely to share with us – the abbreviation “SEO” develops as “Search Engine Optimization” – this phrase translates as “search engine optimization” or simply “page positioning”. The goal, therefore, is to get a given website to the first position in the search results of selected phrases https://www.icea-group.com/seo-uk/. However, this definition of SEO may not be enough to illustrate the importance of SEO activities. SEO UK team have quoted some important statistics:

  • 97% of Internet users in Poland use Google,
  • over 90% of searches end with clicking a link from the first page of results,
  • more than 25% of users go to the first page of search results.

Considering the fact that in many industries the main source of customers is now the online space, SEO activities are extremely important for business success. SEO marketing Portland team believe that this is true for businesses focused primarily on online operations, as well as for locally based companies for whom a website is primarily a means of advertising. To learn more about this topic, visit. How to properly start positioning a website? First of all, it is worth taking advantage of the support of companies offering such services as SEO audits. You might think – of course, companies want us to pay them horrific amounts of money – no… If we look at SEO topics closely it seems they are right. Their support in fact is an opportunity to showcase business online, and this is the only way to succeed nowadays, and it isn’t even as expensive as you may imagine. Teams like SEO marketing Portland know what they’re doing, and they know what to do to align opportunities with a client’s budget and not expose them to unnecessary losses. They are groups of passionate people who enjoy the rut of growing websites. 

SEO audit – website analysis is an essential step in positioning strategy

The process of website positioning is extremely complex and consists of many different activities – from writing content saturated with keywords, to improving the performance of the website, to ensuring that the site will look good on any device. About auditing we’ve talked with SEO in Jacksonville webmasters – working on your own, it can be quite difficult to make all the necessary changes, and to determine which ones will make the most difference. Every website and industry is slightly different, making it require a different approach – this makes professional analysis often essential. This process is exactly the SEO audit, which should be conducted by specialists in the positioning industry.

How to take care of effective SEO?

As we approach the end, we ask once again about the importance of SEO, SEO in Jacksonville CEO – The definition of SEO, while simple enough in itself, encompasses quite a few different activities. Many entrepreneurs decide to use the services of SEO agencies, which offer support at every stage of the process. The beginning of a successful cooperation should be an SEO audit that will allow both parties to define key goals, objectives and targets. Effects in this business largely depend on adjusting strategy to constantly changing search engine requirements and market situation. Therefore it is worth betting on agencies that put the client first by offering free consultations at the beginning of cooperation.

main photo:  Lukas Blazek/unsplash.com

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  • Neil Hampton 21.07.2022

    For those who are still worried, I explain – an SEO audit is an analysis of your website and all the pages. In order for the SEO agency to make improvements, it needs to find all the elements that are lowering the quality index. During an SEO audit, you can also find out what solutions will have the best effect in the long run. Don’t be discouraged by SEO, it’s the future for marketing and if you neglect it now, your sites may struggle to rank well in the future!

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