Negin Mirsalehi – find out her style secrets

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This young and beautiful woman is one of the most influential fashion bloggers in the world. She is followed by as many as 6.3 million people on Instagram. She comes from the Netherlands and has been blogging since 2012. What are her style secrets?

Negin Mirsalehi with her huge popularity in the fashion and beauty world, has become a personal brand. Experts in new media rate her Instagram account as her strongest page. There is no shortage of inspiration or exotic travel photos. No wonder that Negin, a woman aware of her assets and knowledgeable about fashion, is imitated by girls from all over the world. For nearly a decade, she has been regularly presenting various outfits through social media. Her style has changed over the years. The blogger follows the trends, which are constantly changing.

How does she define her style herself?

When asked about it during an interview for, she replied:

“Feminine, eclectic and definitely comfortable. I love combining different styles to create more and more interesting and unique looks. My personal style icon is Jane Birkin, who was very closely connected to nature. When she works in my dad’s bee garden, I feel I can relate to her. I also really enjoy shopping in the men’s department because I’m obsessed with oversizing. I usually find the best clothes there that no one else wears – I just buy the smallest size available.”

If anyone follows the blogger on Instagram, they know that she has conveyed the nature of her style very accurately. Her feed is full of photos where the woman is dressed in oversized, long coats, oversized jackets and wide sweaters and sweatshirts. The fashion for baggy clothes has been around for several seasons and does not seem likely to disappear. It is best to combine large garments with well-fitted ones. Put a tight-fitting suit under an oversized cardigan. Match the wide sweater with a tight skirt. Such a mix will look extremely stylish

Satin Dresses – Sexy Elegance

Negin’s everyday outfits are very different from her special occasions outfits. That is when Negin alternates between oversized and fitted outfits. The secret of her evening closet is tight satin dresses. This material reigns not only in lingerie, but also in other parts of her closet. If you want to look classy, but very attractive and sensual – choose a creation made of this very material.

Black and white as the basis of every closet

Another secret of Negin Mirsalehi’s style is colors. Specifically, black and white. If you browse through her blog and Instagram, you will quickly notice that the influencer always has some part of her closet in one of these colors. These are the most universal shades that go with everything and always look fashionable. Which of us does not have a little black and white T-shirt in her closet for every occasion? A white blouse and blue jeans is a timeless classic that always looks great

Less is still more

Negin Mirsalehi is a fan of minimalist style that always looks good in fashion. The influencer usually wears clothes in one color. She is a fan of pastels and the iconic nude shades, but also of browns and beiges. She accentuates her colorful outfits with accessories such as jewelry, branded handbags and colorful shoes

Jackets still on trend

The blogger’s favorite fashion choice is actually blazers. Sometimes she wears them as a dress and sometimes simply as a complement, but the effect is always great. Oversized jackets are a hit of the last few seasons. They are suitable for all seasons. This part of clothing can emphasize the elegance of your outfit or break the very loose style. One thing is certain – if you want to stay on trend, there must be at least one jacket in your closet

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