Leonie Hanne – Queen of Fashion Week

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This name is now on the lips of the entire fashion world. Leonie Hanne is a true queen among female trend followers. Her Instagram account is followed by over 3.5 million followers, and she still has an appetite for more!

Leonie Hanne – who is she?

If you don’t know this name yet, you better remember it. There is a lot of buzz about Leonie Hanne, and it’s going to get even louder! This influential German influencer is the true queen of Fashion Week. The trends are now set by this slim blonde. The woman sits in the front rows during fashion shows and observers massively like her photos on Instagram. Leonie’s style is a mix of luxury and quite ordinary accessories. Check it out!

Blogger and entrepreneur

The founder of the Ohh Couture blog has quite an audience! Thousands of fans visit the blog every day, hungry for style inspiration. You can find posts about styling, travel and lifestyle. If you are curious about what accessories to choose, you should also check out Leonie! You will find all the latest fashions there. No interesting trend escapes her attention. The girl who was just a blogger is now a thriving entrepreneur! The German girl is interested in management and it is perfectly visible in her business

Brilliant styling – that’s the secret!

How did it happen that the whole fashion world paid attention to Leonie Hanne? The influencer’s secret lies in her genius styling, which is simply impossible to ignore. The girl started by presenting her own sets of outfits on the Internet and they were so good that she quickly received lucrative cooperation offers. The blogger likes her blazers and oversize coats simple, but she also likes to complement them with bolder closet elements such as bouffant dresses, sequins and feathers. Leonie’s styles are simply one of a kind!

Leonie Hanne – the most famous trendsetter

Without a doubt, Leonie Hanne is the hottest name among trendsetters right now. Everyone in the fashion world counts on this petite blonde! Her hairstyles are widely discussed and spotted on fashion weeks. No wonder – not many people can put patterns and colors together so wonderfully.

Leonie Hanne Style

So what is the unique style that sets Leonie Hanne apart from the rest? This blogger doesn’t shy away from strong colors that just look great when put together. There is no doubt that she knows how to make clothes go together perfectly and she has no equal in this. Leonie prefers simplicity, which she breaks up with a pop of color. Her outfits are feminine and highlight everything that is worth emphasizing. Leonie likes to go for original details, which definitely “do the job”. The power of colors juxtaposed with the strength of classics – this is Leonie’s style.

The star of Instagram – that’s who she is!

Everyone knows that popularity on Instagram matters these days. Leonie Hanne has over 3.5 million followers! Thousands of likes and comments under each of her photos say it all. Her daily reports on Instastories are something fans are waiting for. Like a true celebrity, Leonie likes to show her life from behind the scenes. Every style is shown with details so that you can be inspired by it. This is not difficult, because the closet pieces shown by the German trendsetter are quite often simply products from chain stores

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