Check out the most beautiful updos from French it-girls!

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Feminine, sensual, charming and yet simple with a touch of nonchalance. French Instagrammers show how to quickly and easily create glamorous updos, which can be worn both on everyday and special occasions.

Unforced, somewhat nonchalant updos, which do not require tons of hairspray and countless hours of styling time, are ideal for almost any occasion. They also let you appear classy and elegant. So how do you achieve this hair style?

Sabina Socol shows an exceptionally simple yet elegant and feminine updo. Simply blow-dry your hair after shampooing while hanging your head upside down to create natural volume. Use your hands to comb your hair back and twist it into a nonchalant chignon. Secure the chignon with an elegant buckle or hairpin. Loosen the chignon a little so that the hair does not stick too much to your head. Then pull out two strands of hair close to your face and you are done!

Solange Smith loves nonchalant, casual updos. She looks absolutely gorgeous with her nonchalant updo! Whatever hairstyle she wears, the nonchalant updo always gives her girlish charm. How do you do it? It is easy. After shampooing, blow-dry your hair with your head upside down. Create a centre-parting and use your thumbs to grab a strand of hair of the same length on either side of your face. Again, make sure that the hair is not too tightly pinned up.

If your hair lacks volume you may want to spray some extra hold spray on the roots before blow-drying. Like with the first style, you may like to pull out two strands of hair here or curl the lengths slightly.

Daphne Moreau shows this classic updo with the utterly elegant look. After shampooing, simply spray your hair with volumising hair spray before securing it in a ponytail. Alternatively, you may like to tease your hair a little before securing it. Just be sure not to tie your hair up too tightly. If you want to create a look like Daphne’s, loosen the hairdo a bit and hide the hair elastic under a fancy scarf.

Which of your favourite updos is your favourite?

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