The most fashionable swimsuits of the season

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A vacation by the water can not take place without a swimsuit. Every season there are plenty of them – we can choose from both one-piece and two-piece models. There are also interesting designs, cuts and patterns. What swimsuit to choose this season to become miss beach? We suggest!

High-waisted two-piece swimsuit

Swimsuit with high-waisted briefs is the hit of this year’s vacation. Fans of vintage style will especially love it. The cut that covers the navel optically lengthens the legs and, at the same time, covers the shortcomings of the figure. Therefore, all types of figures will look good in it.

In a high-waisted swimsuit you will look really feminine, and at the same time cover up your tummy or stretch marks. Women often reach for this cut of swimsuit, as it is much more comfortable and more comfortable on the beach than cut-out models.

One-piece swimsuits – retro minimalism

In the summer we can’t forget about the returning classic – minimalist one-piece swimsuits. Their cut also refers to the retro style, as once only such models reigned on the beach.

Classic black, stripes, dots or nautical motifs – such prints are worth betting on when looking for the one-piece swimsuit of your dreams. It is very likely that it will be a purchase for years, as these types of patterns never go out of fashion.

A one-piece swimsuit does not have to be boring! In fashion are all models with fine and asymmetrical cut-outs, which cause an electrifying effect!

Thin stripes as a costume decoration

An interesting element that will enliven any swimsuit are thin stripes. Most often they can be found sewn into, for example, panties in the hip area or on the bust. If you care about highlighting and exposing these areas, you can’t go past swimsuits with thin straps indifferently!

Neons and pastels – the colors of summer

This trend should not surprise anyone. Neons and pastels reign supreme in summer, including on swimsuits. If you want to catch the eye of all the beachgoers, bet on turquoise, fuchsia and orange – these are the colors of the coming season. If you like a bit more subtle and subdued styling, soft, bleached pastels are ideal for you.

Exotic patterns

In the summer it is worth betting on colorful patterns, especially on swimsuits. Exotic and floral prints will reign supreme this summer. Their luscious colors will beautifully accentuate your tan. If you want to show a bit of claw, bet on a swimsuit with animal spots or stripes – the latest fashion scream!

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