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Lily Collins is an actress who appears in both British and American productions. Recently we could see her in “Emily in Paris”, where she played the title character. In the series, Lily Collins is wearing amazing clothes and the styling for the production is prepared by Patricia Fields, the legend of costume design. Does the actress walk outside the camera’s eye as well dressed?

What style does Lily Collins have? What fashion choices does she make? Let’s take a closer look at her closet and what she wears most often. She has a great sense of style and excellent taste. From her red-carpet outfits to her casual looks, Lily Collins loves fashion and flirts with it

Lily Collins’ Style Evolution

Lily Collins got her first role when she was a child. She has been in show business for years, and her style and fashion sense are getting better and better every year. What were the beginnings of this talented actress? Lily has always dressed very feminine, while relying on simple cuts. The actress could often be seen in comfortable sneakers and loose shirts. At the same time, the British actress has always followed the latest trends and knew how to dress in accordance with the prevailing fashion. As she grows older, her style becomes more expressive and daring

Nonchalance in British Style

Lily Collins’ style is a mix of comfortable and slightly rebellious rock style. Her natural beauty looks phenomenal in simple and minimalistic outfits where nothing is forced. The British actress often wears casual jeans, loose T-shirts, oversize coats, and heavy boots. On her Instagram, you can peep her in more private situations. She usually wears hoodies, soft plaid shirts, simple t-shirts and stylish hats. Lily is very active and loves sports, so she often posts pictures of herself in sporty outfits. On her social media, it is evident that she loves nature, as can be seen in the photos of Collins while riding a horse

Lily Collins on the red carpet

For years, we have been able to look at the actress’s styles on the red carpet. She is known for her girly, airy and patterned outfits. It is apparent that with every big industry event, the actress gains more self-confidence and this is reflected in her fashion choices. The duo Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn, who also work with Jennifer Lopez, Rachel McAdams and Gwen Stefani, are responsible for her looks at spectacular events. We recently got to admire Collins at the MTV Movies and TV Awards, where she wore a killer look. She wore a tight, long, latex dress from Saint Laurent in which she looked stunning. The outfit was matched perfectly with lacquered black stiletto heels tied at the ankle, which gave the predatory look some gentleness. The look was completed with a minimalistic hairstyle, which was a sleek ponytail. This outfit attracted a lot of attention from stylists and fashion critics because it was different from what Lily Collins usually wears. Usually, her hairstyles were in pastel colors that gave the whole look an innocent and subtle touch. Lily has always liked to experiment with the form, which is why she could be seen wearing dresses with different cuts and embellishments

What do Lily Collins and Emily Cooper have in common?

Lily Collins starred in a new series of the Netflix platform, where she played the main character, Emily Cooper. The British woman herself says that she has a lot in common with the main character, both love fashion, and draw inspiration from the “bible of fashion”, or Vogue. Which style is better? That’s for everyone to judge for themselves. There is no doubt that Emily’s clothing is quite controversial and her stylings are extravagant. Lily Collins shows that she loves to follow fashion, play with different styles and experiment, but her fashion sense is different from Emily’s. Lily loves an uninhibited style and often wears vintage clothes and trendy oversize sweaters or sweatshirts

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