Fallon Carrington’s style from the new Dynasty

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“Dynasty” is a cult series of the 80s, which for a long time beat records of popularity. How does the main character Fallon Morell Carrington dress in the refreshed version of the series? Let’s find out her style!

What were the most popular outfits in the old Dynasty?

In the first “Dynasty” we could admire glamorous gowns made of taffeta, suits with big shoulders, impressive hats and jewelry that attracted everyone’s attention. The costumes of the characters in the series were dripping with luxury, splendor – the best manifestation of the wealth of those times. From today’s perspective, we may think that the fashion and interiors were too exaggerated and kitschy. Is the new installment of the series based on similar aesthetics? What does the contemporary Fallon Carrington (played by the delightful Elizabeth Gillies) wear? What elements of her style are worth incorporating into your closet?

Polished style and perfection in every way

Blake’s daughter is a fashionista who faithfully follows trends. Her love for fashion is best evidenced by a closet the size of an average Polish apartment. The modern Fallon delights with well thought-out out outfits, refined down to the smallest detail. In her elegant, tailored outfits nothing is left to chance. All the elements of the outfit fit together perfectly, they are feminine, tasteful and very elegant. The costume designers made sure that the outfits of the millionaire heiress are full of playfulness with colors, materials and form. There is no conservatism, boredom and mediocrity here!

Creations from the most expensive fashion designers

Many of Fallon Morell Carrington’s outfits are designs by world-renowned fashion designers. While watching Fallon’s intricate fate in the series, we most often admire the stylings of the fashion house Gucci. Dresses that fit her figure perfectly and distinctive suits are her trademark. The collection of handbags with Fallon’s distinctive logo is also impressive. In fact, every element of this character’s style is worthy of emulation

Unabashedly high heels

Serial’s Fallon is a loyal fan of high-heeled shoes, which perfectly accentuate her sex appeal and character. Beautiful sandals and stiletto heels go perfectly with her outfits and make her silhouette look slimmer and longer. Fans of high-heeled footwear will certainly find many gems in the series.

Beautiful, sophisticated jewelry

An important part of this feisty businesswoman’s style is statement jewelry. Fallon loves big earrings, gold necklaces, rings, and bracelets that highlight her high material status and dot every outfit.

Which women does the Carrington fortune heiress’s style suit?

Outfits presented by Fallon Morell Carrington are a perfect reflection of elegance, femininity and at the same time the strength that lies within many of us. These are creations for bold, feisty, self-confident successful women who love luxury, designer clothes and accessories from the best designers. This is a style for modern businesswomen who are completely alien to simplicity, modesty and conservatism. Modeling ourselves after the heroine, we can be sure that we will always be the center of attention and there is nothing wrong with that!

We hope our article encourages you to follow the characters on the show – the characters’ outfits are just as interesting as the crazy storyline!

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