Red lipstick is not for everyone

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Red lipstick is one of those products that no woman’s makeup bag should be without. However, in order to make it look effective, you should take care to match it to your beauty type. How to choose the perfect red lipstick?

Some helpful tips for choosing the right lipstick

Here are some tips to help you choose the right red lipstick:

  • This type of cosmetic should be viewed only in daylight. Artificial light may cause the shade to look a little off.
  • Test red lipstick color on your lips, not in the palm of your hand. As applying a tester to your lips might be a bit unhygienic, just put the lipstick on them and check if the shade matches your type of beauty.
  • When buying a lipstick, it is not worth to be guided by a momentary fashion, desire to improve the mood or recommendations of colleagues with a completely different from our type of beauty. If you do not want your lipstick to linger in your make-up bag, it is worth choosing a classic, timeless shade, which will suit many different occasions.
  • Should you choose a matte or a glossy lipstick? Matte or glossy lipsticks are very elegant and are perfect for the evening. Glossy lipsticks, on the other hand, are perfect as a complement to your daytime make-up. They also have the advantage of optically enlarging the lips.

How do I match red lipstick to my complexion?

Among other things, lipstick should be matched with the color of the complexion. Women with pale skin and cool skin types look best with berry, raspberry or wine red lipstick. This is a proven way to liven up and enhance your complexion.

If it comes to women with slightly rosy, tanned skin, they should look for coral, blood and poppy lipsticks on store shelves.

Red Lipstick and Type of Beauty

How do I match red lipstick to my skin type? People with porcelain complexions and light blonde hair look good both in subtle pastel shades and in blood red. Pastel colors create a fresh and radiant look. Use pastel colors for a fresh and glowing appearance and wear strong colors for a date or a party at the club. Orange and fuchsia lipsticks are not suitable for blondes.

What Is the Perfect Red Lipstick for Brown Hair? The best red lipstick for blondes is brown, peach and reddish hues. They should steer clear of dark or blood red or fuchsia-coloured lipsticks.

What kind of red lipstick should women with light porcelain skin opt for? Caramel-red, brownish-pink, peachy and dirty pink lipsticks enhance their beauty. They should avoid violet and powder pink lipsticks.

Brunettes with dark complexions may allow themselves the most freedom in choosing red lipstick. They will look good in wine red lipsticks as well as those with hints of plum, peach or fuchsia. They should avoid pastel shades, light pink and orange.

How do I apply red lipstick?

You’ve chosen your red lipstick. Now it’s time to apply it. Women who usually limit their makeup to lip gloss may choose to put red lipstick on their finger and then pat it on. A special brush can also be used for this purpose. This is a proven way to control the level of saturation of your lipstick. How do I make my lipstick last longer? It is very simple! After applying the first layer, squeeze the excess red lipstick on a tissue and then apply it again.

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