Comfortable stilettos? Only with this accessory

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Stilettos are very elegant women’s shoes, but not very good for our feet and spine. However, if we have to wear them, it’s worth getting acquainted with modern insoles, which will make walking in stilettos much easier, even during the whole day.

Insolia – a modern insole for stilettos

A very innovative solution turns out to be a special insole for stilettos, thanks to which our shoes are much more comfortable. Its construction was patented by a podiatrist in New Hampshirre – Howard Dananberg. He researched ankle and knee joint diseases and noticed that stiletto heels worn for a long time prevented proper foot positioning. So he decided to make an insole, which will significantly reduce the negative impact of these shoes on the ankle-articular system. Thanks to it, even people who are a bit thinner and have problems with knees will be able to wear stilettos in a much more comfortable way, without harming their health.

The insole is very light and almost imperceptible. Thanks to its profiling we can feel really comfortable in high shoes. Additionally, it gives the impression that we are 3 cm taller. However, the time of comfortable wearing stilettos is prolonged up to 300%. The insole reduces pain in the lumbar region, which is caused by the unnatural position of the foot. With traditional stiletto insoles, the whole weight of the body rests on the metatarsal, which can cause pain and also cause contractures in the toes. The innovative Insolia insole significantly reduces pressure on the midfoot and toes, and distributes it to the heel, so we don’t have the impression of crushing our toes in shoes. In addition, the pressure on the knees is reduced, which significantly improves the comfort of walking. Stilettos equipped with an insole are also more stable for us. Thus, even people who previously avoided heels can start using them. A 30% reduction of pressure on the front part of the foot improves not only the comfort of walking, but above all the risk of degeneration in this part of the foot.

What other additives make walking in stilettos more comfortable?

In stores there are also silicone inserts, which are glued to the part of shoes where the metatarsal is located. Thanks to the use of soft cushions in the insoles, we have the impression that the pressure on this part of the footwear is much smaller. You can also invest in very comfortable insoles, which can be placed along the entire length of the shoes. Additional insoles will make sure that even if most of the body weight rests on the heel, we will not feel any pain. A good solution are also cooling insoles, which make our feet rest while wearing stilettos. Besides, they guarantee us the feeling of freshness, even after a very long time of wearing stilettos

How else can we take care of our feet while wearing stilettos?

If we have to wear stilettos and other high-heeled shoes, it’s worth taking care of the regeneration and rest of our feet. After wearing stilettos for a long time, it is worth soaking your feet in cool water, which will shrink blood vessels and may reduce pain. It’s also worthwhile to regularly rub off calloused epidermis, which appears most often at the hallux and at the ankle near the smallest toe. Cooling gels with mint or aloe vera, which accelerate the regeneration of epidermis, are very helpful. It is also worth placing our legs higher to reduce excessive blood flow in the feet and calves. This form of relaxation will certainly make our legs rest quickly after a tiring day. It is also worth thinking about replacing stilettos with low shoes, especially on days off. Our feet will rest from constant strain. Special corrective insoles, which are individually selected by podiatrist, are also helpful. This is a good way to correct any problems. What is important, properly selected insoles can significantly improve the comfort of walking, but also correct posture defects.

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