How to wear oversize clothes to look good in them?

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Oversize clothing, or clothing designed to look too big, is a trend that appears every season. However, in the case of such loose-fitting items of clothing, it is worth remembering a few rules in order to look good in an oversized style.

Oversize clothing is a trend that has been appearing on catwalks and streets for several seasons. With good reason – these clothes not only look great but are also extremely comfortable. However, it is very easy to make a style mistake with oversized clothes. We tell you how to wear oversized clothes in order to always look your best.

What should you bear in mind when choosing an oversized outfit?

When choosing an oversize outfit there is one very important thing to remember – clothes should emphasize our strengths and cover up our weaknesses, not the other way round. A well-chosen outfit may give you confidence and even out the proportions of your figure, while an ill-fitting one will disturb them unnecessarily. It is especially important when we choose clothes which look too big. So if you don’t want to look like a bag, do it with your head. How to do it? If you opt for an oversized top, go for skin-tight pants. On the other hand, if you choose a loose-fitting top, go for a tight-fitting blouse. This way the proportions of your silhouette will not be disturbed. However, if you want to wear both an oversize top and bottom, try to emphasize your waist with a belt. This way the outfit will not seem heavy. An interesting trick that also works here is to expose points on the body, such as the neck and the wrists and ankles, for example by rolling up the legs and sleeves. This will make any outfit look a little lighter. Versada Boutique can help you in your search for the perfect oversize styling pieces

Which oversize clothes to choose?


A great suggestion for oversize clothes, especially for fall, are sweaters. Despite their loose cut they are very feminine. Choose soft knitwear in XXL size and you will surely feel good in them. What to wear with them? They will look great with tight, waxed pants and heavy boots. You can also match them with a delicate mini skirt and colorful tights. If you want your outfit to be a bit more sensual, you can wear a lacy lingerie top underneath and slightly lower one arm of the sweater.


Oversized coats are also a great choice for the autumn-winter season. This is a trend made famous by French fashion bloggers. For a trendy look, pair it with a belt around your waist and knee-high boots with high heels. The oversized trench is not only a stylish base for women’s outfits, but also the most practical of all solutions – you can wear an airy dress underneath, as well as a thick sweater. This look is extremely chic and elegant.


Classic white oversize shirts are also a great choice for a chic and nonchalant look. You can buy an oversized shirt, but you can also steal one from your man’s closet. How to wear this shirt? For example, with tight denim-coloured trousers and stiletto heels. Such styling is the essence of sporty-elegant street fashion.

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