Bronzer in cream or powder – which will work better in summer?

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Summer and high temperatures have both their supporters and opponents. Undoubtedly, these are months that bring many opportunities for leisure activities, but it is also worth changing a few things in your skin care and makeup then. Many women give up makeup completely in the summer. Others wonder what cosmetics to use. In this article you will learn which bronzer to choose in the summer. 

Types of bronzers

Bronzer has more than one form. In drugstores, bronzers are available in cream or powder. They also differ in color and pigmentation. 

When is it a good idea to opt for a bronzer in cream?

The use of bronzer in cream adds definition to the makeup, but also heaviness. You also need the right skills, as it’s easy to mess up with it. Contouring with such a product is popular for evening makeup, which is often also photo makeup. There, strong contouring is important to look good in photos. For everyday use, contouring with powder bronzer is usually sufficient – it gives a slightly softer, natural effect. 

How to apply bronzer in cream?

Bronzer in cream is best applied over foundation that has not yet set, using a flat brush. Apply a small amount from the ear toward the nose, stopping about halfway down the cheek. Then quickly blot the cosmetic with a dampened sponge so that it doesn’t have time to set. If you do it too slowly, there is a risk that spots will form. 

Summer makeup – what should you keep in mind?

Summer makeup should be lighter than that of autumn or winter. This is related to the comfort of wearing it. The most important thing is to use a light foundation and apply it in a small amount. If you do not have major skin problems, it is best to dispense with it altogether. You can apply concealer to single blemishes. Also, apply powder only to the areas where you need mattification, that is, in the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin). In addition, highlight your eyebrows and eyelashes lightly, and apply a gloss or moisturizing lipstick on your lips. Such makeup will ensure that you won’t feel unnecessary heaviness on your face during the heat, and it’s quick and easy to apply. 

Don’t forget about proper skin care in the summer!

Skin care also changes a bit in the summer. Remember to scrub your skin regularly, at least once a week. Also moisturize it systematically, this is especially important during hot weather. Remember the most important thing – cream with SPF 50. It is an essential protection against UV radiation. If properly selected, it will not interfere with makeup, and its use will protect you from discoloration and wrinkles. It will also help those struggling with acne to protect the lesions from unwanted sun exposure. 

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