Cleansing the skin according to Japanese women – 5 key principles

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Proper facial skin care is essential. The right cosmetics can help keep your face beautiful, glowing and free of wrinkles and imperfections. Learn the 5 key principles of facial skin cleansing according to Japanese women.

For some time now it has been fashionable to “peep” cosmetic and beauty tricks from our neighbors from the East. No wonder – Japanese women are famous for their beautiful, radiant skin free from blemishes and imperfections. This is thanks to the knowledge of proper skin care. To also achieve such spectacular effects, you do not have to invest in expensive cosmetics. Here are 5 key principles of Japanese facial cleansing that will help you get rid of complexes and feel comfortable in your own skin!

Learn the 5 key principles of skin cleansing

Japanese skincare is about harmony and peace. It is important to find a moment for yourself. It is a balance between body and spirit. It is a ritual that allows for complete relaxation. In addition, it has a beneficial effect on our complexion. You should also remember about regular use of creams with UV filters, because it is the sun radiation that has a very bad effect on the condition of our skin. Here are 5 rules of skin cleansing according to Japanese women

  1. Cleansing – this is one of the most important steps to cleanse your face of all the impurities that have accumulated on your skin throughout the day. The Japanese cleansing consists of two parts, which should be done in the same order and nothing should be skipped if you want to achieve a good result. The first part involves washing the face with lotion, emulsion or oil, usually without using water. This allows to get rid of any “dirt” from the skin. The second stage is a thorough face wash with foam, gel or soap.
  2. Massage – a gentle massage improves microcirculation, skin tone and overall condition. It also has a beneficial effect on the absorption of cosmetics. It is worth to massage the skin using a scrub, which will remove dead skin cells and improve the absorption of other cosmetics. At this stage of skin care it is worth making a mask with valuable ingredients for the skin, which will improve its condition and prepare the skin for the next care steps.
  3. Toning – you should not skip this point in any skin care, and this is because a properly selected product, allows you to maintain balance and balances the pH of the skin, the natural acid-base reaction. This will make our skin more resistant to all unwanted microorganisms that penetrate deep into it, causing visible imperfections and worsening its overall appearance and condition.
  4. Nourishing – this is usually any kind of vitamin-rich serum that improves the appearance and condition of the facial skin, thanks to these beneficial ingredients. When it comes to the skin under the eyes, it is best to firm it with a suitable eye cream, gently patting it in.
  5. Moisturizing-an essential part of any skin care regimen that will hydrate, firm and illuminate the skin. It is worth betting on delicate creams, enriched with natural ingredients and vitamins.
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