3 types of underwear that every one of us should have in our closet!

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Lingerie for women is a very important, but underestimated element of clothing. Many women choose the cheapest panties and bras, wrongly thinking that their purchase does not matter, because the final effect is invisible. However, it is worth investing in good quality products, because of our comfort and well-being.

Good quality bra

Every bra fitter will tell us that a properly shaped bra is a very good investment, also for our health. A bra should be perfectly fitted to the body. By choosing the size of the cup and circumference, for example with the help of a bra fitter, we can learn our exact measurements and on this basis choose the next bras.


When buying a bra, remember that its back part should be at the height of our shoulder blades, and the clasp should be placed about halfway down their length. The cup must cover the whole breast and the straps should not cut into the body. It is best to have several types of bras in your closet – a sports bra, which will be resistant to shocks, a model with adjustable fastening height, a bra with underwire which supports the breasts well and a bra without underwire with wide straps – ideal for sports outfits. A bra of the right choice will make our spine relieved, and the clothes will fit the body much better. A bra may also be chosen in the evening version. Then we can bet on the model made of lace, which will perfectly match with black thongs or lace panties.


Elegant and comfortable nightwear

You can find a lot of women who admit that after a long day at work, they go to bed wearing just a pair of sweatpants or a T-shirt and panties. A well-fitting nightwear can significantly improve our mood and make us feel feminine. It is an important component of well-being, because it is good to look elegant and sexy, even while sleeping. You can choose from different types of nightwear for women, including airy chemises or overalls. The most common is that they are made of pleasant to the touch satin or a very thin material with a touch of polyester, thanks to which they fit the body even better. Nightwear is available in sets, for example, consisting of a chemise and panties or thongs in the same color and pattern. This makes you feel more feminine, also in front of your partner. At the same time, putting on nice nightwear does not require much effort from us. In addition, airy petticoats or lace bodysuits are a good way to make a comfortable substitute for ordinary sweatpants. A slip in contrast to sweatpants does not press on our stomach and gives us more freedom of movement.


Comfortable panties

Elegant and comfortable panties should be found in every woman’s closet. They are well-fitted and their reinforced construction will allow us to enjoy them much longer. Sometimes it is worth betting on good quality material, but smaller quantity of panties, instead of buying multipacks, which are known for their poor quality. Good quality panties with classic decorations of lace or transparent tulle will match any bra. It is worth choosing models in classic colors, such as black, red and white, so you can easily choose the right bra to match them. In addition, bet on models that fit your body easily and have invisible seams. This will prevent your skin from rubbing when you move. Choosing the right model of panties, which will be tailored to our shape, will make sure that the underwear will not show under our clothes, even those more adherent to our body. You may also choose panties made of soft lace, ideal for an elegant bra with the same decoration.

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