Raspberry oil – a cosmetic hit that works wonders!

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Various types of oils are becoming a staple of natural skin, hair or nail care. Raspberry oil is a perfect solution to problems with dry skin prone to redness

Raspberry oil is rich in Omega acids. It is perfect for hair with high porosity. Raspberry seed extract is a perfect cosmetic for everyday facial skin care. It ensures proper moisturizing without causing irritation


Raspberry oil – amazing results at low cost

Raspberry oil is a simple product with many valuable properties. Apart from the Omega-3 and Omega-6 acids mentioned above, it also contains vitamin E, which slows down the skin aging process, and vitamin A, responsible for regeneration. Cosmetics based on raspberry oil are perfect as a base for makeup, because they are quickly absorbed and are odorless. The skin on which the oil is applied is moisturized for a long time and its pores are not clogged. It is good for various types of inflammations, as it has soothing properties. A big advantage of cosmetics made from plant extracts is that they are fully vegan

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