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Kabuki brush – with it your makeup will be perfectly finished!

foto: Warpedgalerie/Adobe Stock
Portrait d'une femme utilisant une brosse de maquillage sur le visage / Portrait of a woman using make-up brush on face

It’s a well-known fact that a good makeup brush is just as important as the cosmetics you use. A kabuki brush provides the perfect finish and will make your face look perfect! Plus, it fits in any makeup bag, including the one you take to work every day.

The kabuki brush is quite wide with a short, thick handle and dense bristles. It is used to apply powder, bronzer, and blush evenly. Its name comes from the Japanese kabuki theater, whose tradition dates back to the 17th century, and whose actors wore strong and expressive makeup.

How do I achieve a natural look?

Kabuki brush enthusiasts also often turn to mineral powder, which doesn’t add color but guarantees long-lasting coverage. When using a kabuki brush, powder or foundation is applied in a circular and steady motion. You can repeat the procedure if you need a stronger effect.

How do I keep my brush clean?

At least once every two weeks a kabuki brush should be cleaned, for example with a grey soap. This will prolong its durability and extraordinary effectiveness.

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