4 Things that stood out at the London Fashion Week in 2022

Raden Prasetya/

London Fashion Week is an event that offers an opportunity to more than 250 designers to showcase their fashion designing knack to the world. From thoughtful attires to marvelous and some outlandish ones, fashion cravers around the world have their eyes on the event. Here are four things that highlighted the London Fashion Week 2022. 

Here are 4 exceptional moments from 2022 London Fashion Week!

  1. The bold effects by Richard Quinn

The statement looks created by Quinn flaunted voluminous coats that were accompanied by hats that veiled the faces of the models. While the collection also featured floral gowns with gloves and pantsuits. 

  1. “Tears” that looked angelic

‘Tears’ was a compelling and emotional collection that was crafted as a tribute to designer Kikkka Cavaneti, who passed away at the age of 28. 

  1. Getting inspired by Dark Fables

Simon Rocha designed her collection by taking inspiration from the fable she heard early on. Her introduction of blue velvet was noticed by all. 

  1. Dresses that match Women’s moods today

Rejina Pyo curated a collection of 36 looks that were displayed on Monday night. The clothes were typically inspired by the famous Prohibition Era. 

From Burberry’s to JW Andersons, and Victoria Beckhams, London sees the most incredible designers shining their creations on the stage. The shows saw Maximilian Davis and Priya Ahluwaliaia emerging and filling the week with remarkable energy.

Photo: Raden Prasetya/

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