A new trend – barbiecore! Check out what it consists of

With the news of the upcoming release of the film “Barbie” starring Margot Robbie, a new trend – barbiecore – has entered fashion. Even the biggest stars are fascinated by it! Has the fashion world gone crazy about the Barbie doll?

What is the barbiecore trend all about?

The announcement of the film “Barbie” took some people back to their childhood days, when Barbie was the idol of every little girl. Although it is difficult to find time to play with dolls in adulthood, you can successfully try to imitate the Barbie style.

Barbiecore style is all about looking pretty in pink and taming this color in your everyday styling. The example can be taken for example from Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, who at the premiere of the documentary “Life in pink” looked like a living Barbie and Ken.

The Barbiecore trend was not passed by indifferently either by Kim Kardashian, who presented herself on her Instagram dressed from head to toe in candy pink.

main photo: Gabriel

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