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Comfy fashion, the praise of comfort – principles of a trend that conquers the world

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Fashion changes with almost every season. That’s why you need to follow it constantly to keep up with it. Nowadays, comfy fashion is in vogue, which is based on comfort. Find out more about it!

Women appreciate comfort more and more. That is why comfy fashion (also known as comfy wear), which combines chic and comfort at the same time, is going to reign this season. It is an original mix of Scandinavian style and Swedish hygge

The first rule when it comes to comfy wear is freedom and comfort. The basis is also the fact that clothing or accessories in no way restrict our movements. That is why you can wear loose-fitting clothing, even slightly too large at first glance. Cashmere sweaters in calm, subdued, usually beige shades are dominating in the so-called “comfy”. Stylists and promoters of this fashion encourage to wear thin, woolen pants or jeans (currently loose cuts reign, which are slowly being replaced by skinny jeans). A large coat with pockets is a must

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When it comes to comfy wear shoes, they must also be comfortable, which is why boots have been a hit for several seasons

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