Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe impresses!

We can already see on the Netflix platform the film Blonde, based on the book by James Carol Oates. The role of Marilyn Monroe is played by Ana de Armas herself. Are we getting ready for another cinematic masterpiece?

Oates’ novel, on which the film is based, is as long as 800 pages. For some, the screen adaptation of such a voluminous novel is something impossible to achieve. However, the challenge has been taken up by Australian director Andrew Dominik, convincing that he will make the actress’ story into a true cinematic masterpiece.

Ana de Armas in the lead role

The role of Marilyn Monroe was played by Cuban actress Ana de Armas, who was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for her role in On Knives. Press materials released prove that the woman has become a faithful copy of the American actress. The author of the novel herself insists that casting Armas in the role of Marilyn Monroe was a hit.

main photo: Zarifi

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