How to use styling to optically enlarge breasts?

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Clothes are not just material that covers the body. With different cuts and colors, clothing can slim you down, take pounds off, and give you confidence. Women who want to achieve the effect of larger breasts without plastic surgery should use one of several clothing tricks. These methods will optically enlarge your bust!

Not many women realize that there are methods to optically enlarge the bust in a simple way. You do not have to go to a plastic surgeon right away, because a small cup is not the end of the world. Just use a few tricks to feel better about yourself and your figure

How to optically enlarge breasts? 5 useful tricks

Many stylists believe that in order to enlarge the bust, you do not need to immediately throw out all the clothes from your closet and buy new ones. Most things are at hand, you just need to use them properly

  1. The right bra

Every woman who struggles with the problem of a small cup immediately thinks of a push-up bra. There are a lot of such products available on the market. They are equipped with gel, silicone or sponge inserts. They nicely collect breasts and push them out. However, this is not the only model. Plunge bras work great for this purpose. They work similarly to a push up bra, with the difference that their circumference extends beyond the breastbone. They go well with blouses and dresses with deep necklines. Bras, which form the letter V at the neckline, also add volume to the breasts. These in turn have beautifully decorated straps, so it is worth to expose them properly. Well-chosen bra can work wonders. It is worth choosing it with the help of a bra fitter, who will advise and help you choose the right size. First of all you should avoid buying bras which are a few sizes too big because they look unsightly

  1. Horizontal patterns at breast height

If you want to accentuate your chest effectively, it is worth wearing blouses and shirts with horizontal patterns at bust level. These may also be ruffles, lace or pleats. Located in the neckline area they attract the eye and optically widen the chest. Shirts with jabot or blouses with pleats work well for this purpose. The rest of the outfit should be plain, preferably in one color. Blouses may emphasize the waist slightly. It is advisable to choose shirts and miniskirts with small breast pockets. They attract the eye and optically widen the silhouette

  1. Minimalist design

In this case, it matters. If you don’t like colorful patterns or frills, it’s worth giving up the neckline altogether as well. Shirts with collars, stand-up collars and turtlenecks perfectly expose the bust. It is worth to wear well fitted bras, which add roundness to breasts. Large necklines have this to themselves, that although beautiful, often draw attention to small breasts. Especially in women who are slim and have a “bony” neckline. With such an outfit, an ill-fitting bra also quickly catches the eye

  1. Suitable jewelry and cut of shirts

Bust can be easily emphasized with jewelry that matches the upper part of clothing. If you decide on a shirt or blouse, it is worth choosing one with an oversized cut. Also pay attention to the width of clothing around the waist. A good choice are shirts which slightly widen the upper parts of the chest and narrow the torso around the waist. This simple procedure will make the bust appear larger. What does jewelry have to do with it? Very much. It is worth matching longer necklaces with blouses, which should reach to the lower part of the breastbone. In addition, longer chains optically lengthen the silhouette

  1. Trick with a safety pin

If none of the above-mentioned ways do not appeal to you, then the last solution remains, namely the safety pin trick. Apparently, this method is widely known. In order to optically enlarge your bust, you should fasten bra straps with a safety pin at the level of your shoulder blades. Thanks to this, the bust rises and looks fuller

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