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4 models of sweaters for autumn days that will spice up your everyday look

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The leaves have fallen from the trees and it’s getting colder – a sign that you should put away your short tops and pull out your sweaters. We check which models are the most fashionable this fall!

You need to look fashionable at any time of the year. Autumn is undoubtedly the time when it is worth investing in sweaters that will keep us warm on colder days. What will be a hit this season?

Sweater vests are an autumn hit

Ladies who love playing with fashion, undoubtedly will like sweaters in the form of vests. This model is already loved by celebrities who promote it intensively in their social media. Sweater vests can be in classic white, as well as in bolder colors, such as purple. They go well with both fabric tailored pants and jeans

Zipper sweaters back in fashion

In the 90s they were a real hit. These are sweaters with turtlenecks and zippers. Thick, plaited and very warm. Currently they are back in style again, both in the fitted version, as well as oversize – as you prefer. You can create a lot of interesting styles with them, for example, wear them with solid or colorful leggings and boots

Openwork and delicate

Still fashionable are short and delicate openwork sweaters, which can be worn traditionally, with jeans, but you can also wear them with skirts and clogs for a more daring look. Sweaters with a short front and longer back will be a hit

Big and long

Sweaters that look a bit too big at first glance are in vogue. This season’s hit will be the most expressive and colorful (even rainbow-colored) ones. They can be worn with tights and pants. They go perfectly with small postcards.

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