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Learn the 5 secrets of stylish women!

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It is said that style cannot be bought – but it can be earned. By following a few rules, you can ensure that your everyday style inspires admiration and appreciation.

5 Rules of Good Style

Whether you prefer French chic or Italian glamour, these tips will help you look stylish in every situation. See for yourself!

Don’t copy exact styles

Be inspired by the style of the influencers and adapt the styles to your figure, your beauty and your favourite colors.

Shop in chain stores as well as discount stores

Vintage stores and popular discount stores in Poland hide many gems. Try to find clothes there regularly to add variety to your style. It is ecological and economical solution!

Remember that the label does not determine the value or quality

Be guided by how the clothes fit you and how they are made, not by what size or brand they are. Collections are of uneven quality, so be conscious when shopping.

Don’t follow trends blindly

Try to find your own style and complement it with new accessories.

Don’t worry too much about other people’s opinions

Just be yourself!

Main Photo: Christian Vierig/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Getty Images

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